In a highly regulated industry, having the right lettings agency to look after your property is essential. As an established lettings expert in Beaconsfield, Ashington Page will take care of every aspect of your property, giving you peace of mind.

From making sure your property is presented in the best light, to the researching of tenants’ needs, we will make sure you are attracting the very best prospects for your property, by minimising costs and maximising returns. We will accompany every viewing, allowing us to explore a tenant’s requirements, whilst building a picture about their lifestyle.

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Tailored services

We pride ourselves on understanding your specific requirements and promise that you will be delighted in the way we look after you. Whether you are letting your own home, or are a seasoned landlord with a large property portfolio, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of services to give you complete flexibility.

Whichever service you choose with us, we will market and negotiate the letting for you. We can arrange referencing, Right to Rent checks and any pre tenancy work that has been requested. This is where we market and negotiate the letting for you, including referencing and terms and conditions.

On completion of the tenancy, you will then handle the management of the property.

Letting and Rent Collection

In addition to the marketing and negotiations of the letting, we will manage the start and finish of a tenancy and collect the rent for you during the tenancy term.

Full-Lettings and Management

This service provides you with comprehensive administration of your property, where we manage the tenancy on a day-to-day basis.

Documentation charges

A charge of £300.00 (inclusive of VAT) is made for drawing up the tenancy agreement and for all the administration. Should the tenancy renew after the initial term, a renewal administration fee in the sum of £300.00 (inclusive of VAT) will be payable.

We want our charges to be as clear and transparent as possible, so further details on the services we offer and the fees associated with them can be found in our Landlord’s Terms and Conditions.

To learn more about what makes us stand out from other agencies, read about the Ashington Page Difference and Our Guarantees.


Lettings Appraisal

If you are interested in finding out the rental value of your property, our confidential lettings appraisal is the next step. This goes far beyond a simple valuation of what you could let your property for.

If required, we will create a written marketing proposal for you, with recommendations for how to make the greatest return on your property. This would include our approach to how we would achieve this, along with a clear explanation of the costs involved.

Request a lettings appraisal

For a no-obligation lettings appraisal of your property, fill in your details in the form on the right, and a member of our team will contact you. All appraisals are carried out by our Lettings Manager, Claire Woodrow. If you would prefer to speak to us, call 01494 685518, and we can discuss your situation.

For general enquires, you can also email us using the form, that’s available by clicking the orange box to the right.

Not yet ready for a lettings appraisal?

If you are not in a position yet to book a detailed appraisal and would just like to arrange a no-obligation valuation of your property, please complete the form by clicking on the orange button to the right.

Keeping you informed

Using the form to the right, you can also sign up to our Beaconsfield Property Market Update and get a regular email discussing what is happening in the local housing market. Please note that we take your privacy seriously and will never share your personal details with a third party, and all our emails give you the option to unsubscribe.


Landlords Fees

Letting your property is a complicated process, and if not managed in accordance with the relevant laws, can quickly lead to problems.

To help you understand the lettings process, we have put together an easy-to-read document called Landlord’s Terms & Conditions. This sets out who does what and when, the fees involved and how Ashington Page will handle everything for you, whether that is a Let Only offering or a Full Lettings Management service.


Marketing Your Property

Finding quality tenants

Years of experience has taught us how to find and retain first-class tenants. From making sure your property is presented in the best light, to the researching of tenants’ needs, we will make sure you are attracting the very best prospects for your property.

We accompany all lettings viewings to ensure we understand a tenant’s requirements, whilst building a picture about their lifestyle. This allows us to match your property with tenants that will suit it for the long-term, minimising costs and maximising returns.

Smooth, speedy and successful lettings

Our team of lettings specialists are totally focused on ensuring your property is successfully let as quickly as possible. The details are sent out immediately to prospective tenants and put on-line, and any queries or paperwork are promptly dealt with.

How we attract new tenants

With years of local knowledge and our involvement with the community, our lettings experts have invested a lot of time in creating strong relationships with relocation agents, and corporations to find you high calibre tenants.

Having steadily built up an impressive portfolio of Beaconsfield rental properties, we are able to offer prospective tenants a wide selection of realistically-priced properties across the area. We have an online presence on all major property portals and invest time on our social media platforms to reach a wider audience. We also send our Beaconsfield Property Update to over 10,000 subscribers every month.

The best tenant is not simply the first to make an offer. We won’t always advise you to accept the first offer as we want to ensure you receive the best price available. Sometimes, a little patience is well-rewarded.


Property management service

Are you missing out on the best tenants by managing your property?

Although you may wish to look after the property management yourself, you may not realise that many high calibre and corporate tenants will only consider professionally-managed properties. They want 24/7 service, hassle-free accommodation and simply won’t take the risk that a landlord-managed property might not live up to expectations.

We use our local knowledge and reputation, along with long-term relationships with leading relocation agents and major corporations, to get you the best tenants at the highest possible rent.

In our experience, having your property under full-management will reduce damage or repair costs, and without doubt, minimise the work involved in being a landlord.

Professional property management isn’t just about attracting the best tenants; it gives you the peace of mind your investment is properly looked after, and minimises the hassle of being a landlord. Our dedicated property management team handle everything: the collection of rent, legal assistance, project management, maintenance, safety compliance, and 24-hour emergency support.

To find out what is covered under our Full-Lettings and Management service, either call us on 01494 685518 or read pages 7-9 of our Landlord’s Terms and Conditions.