Property Management Service

Are you missing out on the best tenants by managing your property?

Although you may wish to look after the property management yourself, you may not realise that many high calibre and corporate tenants will only consider professionally-managed properties. They want 24/7 service, hassle-free accommodation and simply won’t take the risk that a landlord-managed property might not live up to expectations.

We use our local knowledge and reputation, along with long-term relationships with leading relocation agents and major corporations, to get you the best tenants at the highest possible rent.  

In our experience, having your property under full-management will reduce damage or repair costs, and without doubt, minimise the work involved in being a landlord.

Professional property management isn’t just about attracting the best tenants; it gives you the peace of mind your investment is properly looked after, and minimises the hassle of being a landlord. Our dedicated property management team handle everything: the collection of rent, legal assistance, project management, maintenance, safety compliance, and 24-hour emergency support.

To find out what is covered under our Full-Lettings and Management service, either call us on 01494 685518 or read pages 7-9 of our Landlord’s Terms and Conditions.