Boots on the ground vs pixels in the cloud

25th August 2017

Boots on the ground vs pixels in the cloud

By now we are sure that you will have noticed the rise of the online estate agent. Over the last 18months we have been bombarded with radio, TV and newspaper adverts from online agencies claiming to be able to sell your home for a fraction of the price of the traditional High Street estate agent.

Our industry is very competitive and this new channel is proving challenging for many of our colleagues across the country. However, we are regularly confronted with people who have tried the online route only to find that it didn’t work and, having lost their initial payment (often as much as £800-£1500) have come back to the high street to complete their sale.

We understand that people want to find the cheapest solution to sell their home – the figures you are dealing with are large and any saving that you could make is obviously hugely attractive. Paying a one off fee to sell your place – saving you thousands – sounds great but the reality is a little less clear cut – as reported by BBC Watchdog.

Estate Agents haven’t always had the best reputations, BUT (note the upper case – this is a big BUT) today’s society is so much better informed and the competition is so strong that agents cannot afford to offer anything other than an impeccable service.

A high street agent has over heads, like any business. We train our staff to the highest standards, they are accredited by our professional bodies, and we also have an office that you can come to should you face any problems.

When instructed to sell a property a High Street estate agent will cover the costs of floor plans, photography and publishing your property on the leading online portals. We also have a robust infrastructure built around our database of prospective buyers who we can match to your property, so you know that when people are coming to see your home can offer you the best sale.

Our reward comes at the end of the transaction. That means our team work tirelessly with your best interests at heart – a higher sales price benefits us AND the vendor. It is this goal that keeps our teams working proactively to find you the best sale, not just the fastest sale. The fact that you can speak to anyone in our office about your sale demonstrates our agility –

Online Agents are a volume driven business, aiming to flip properties as quickly as possible in order for their business to be cost effective. There is no real incentive to get the best price, cross sell to other potential buyers or attract new views.

As an award winning estate agent we place a great deal of importance in guiding our vendors through the transaction, building and maintaining relationships based on professionalism and trust – this means that we get a lot of referrals and repeat clients – a fact of which we are very proud. But don’t take our word for it; we have more reviews on our website and Google Reviews than any other local agent.

So, when you come to sell your property, be sure to do your due diligence, after all an informed decision is always a better decision. If you have any questions about selling your property why not drop us a line on 01494 680018 or email us. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.