Buying a home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or you’re upsizing or downsizing, a new home is a new beginning.


  • 1. Be clear about what you want

    What are your must-haves? What are your personal preferences? A clear idea of what you want will help to save time and ensure that you’re only viewing relevant properties.

  • 2. You’ll need mortgage advice

    Be sure of affordability and seek confirmation of potential mortgage arrangements. This will help you to have your offer taken seriously by any vendor. We are happy to recommend local mortgage advisors and will happily put you in touch should the need arise. We’ve added a simple mortgage calculator here to help get you started.

  • 3. To buy or sell first?

    We believe it’s best to first focus on the sale of any existing property. This comes back to having your ducks in a row with mortgage arrangements confirmed and an offer for your existing property. In this way, your offer can be seriously considered by a potential vendor.

  • 4. Find the right property

    Once you have an offer for your home and your finances in place it’s time for the fun bit! You are now in a good position to make an offer. Our website is a great resource for local, available properties and our team all live locally so are perfectly placed to offer good advice.

  • 5. Making an offer

    Once you’ve found a suitable property it’s time to make an offer. But how much do you offer? This will be influenced by your budget; finance arrangements and how much work might be needed on your new home.

  • 6. Managing the sales process

    Once you’ve had an offer accepted, you’ll need to submit your mortgage application and instruct your solicitors. Your mortgage provider will do a mortgage valuation before issuing a formal mortgage offer. Your solicitor will undertake all searches and ensure that all permissions and guarantees are in place. At this point, we’ll be working hard to ensure that all parties in the chain are doing their bit.

  • 7. Exchanging contracts

    The legal due diligence is now done and you’re in a position to exchange and commit to a completion date.

  • 8. Completion

    Pick up the keys and it’s time to move into your new home.